We are being invited to:

Re-Frame the past.
Re-Think the present
Re-Member the Future.

We are on a rock spinning through space on the precipice of the Unknown. Another Gregorian year has now passed. Has anything changed?

sasquatchOn the morning of Kin 11 (12/30)  I woke to a dream with a sasquatch, who said: “Now is the time to retrieve the lost magic.”  I woke up to much snowfall, everything perfectly white, crystalline and pristine. A blank slate.

The feeling of the dream was so intoxicating that when I woke up I thought maybe the earth hologram had finally shifted. (Then I went to the internet and found I was still stationed on a planet of war, dramas, politics, etc).

Over the past week I have received several communications that have caused me to pause and deeply reflect on the next stages of this journey. These reflections are my hearts response to…

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